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In many countries, there are people who speak little or no English. Such people struggle to communicate when they move to an area with a higher percentage of English speakers. In these cases, even the smallest things like going to a doctor, visiting the bank, attending a new school or college, or applying for a new job can become challenging. We strive to help you overcome the language barrier by providing quality translation and interpretation services in all 21 Metro Vancouver municipalities.


A & T Interpreters & Translators Ltd believes that translation is more than just translating words. It's all about making an impact with your message. We have been proudly offering translation and interpretation services for years and have gained the trust of our amazing customers. You can efficiently develop clear communication that connects with the minds of local users all over the world, thanks to our team of translation and interpretation professionals!

Translations and Interpretation Services in Metro Vancouver Since 1988 


A & T Interpreters & Translators Ltd has been promoting translation and interpretation services since 1988.

With expertise in over 86 languages, our certified and accredited interpreters and translators are available to assist you with your technical, medical, scholastic, immigration documents, and legal proceedings.

We Interpret and Translate:

French • German • Spanish • Italian • Hungarian
Russian • Ukrainian • Romanian • Czech
Slovak • Dutch • Portuguese • Polish • Norwegian
Swedish • Punjabi • Chinese • Vietnamese
Korean • Hebrew • Bengali • Burmese • Malay • And many more
Gujarati • Arabic • Laotian • Swahili • Thai
Tamil...and many more.

Certified Language Interpreters at Your Service

Our team of certified and experienced language interpreters will gladly assist you.

Your Language, Our Translators

With expertise in over 86 languages, our translators can efficiently translate the most commonly used languages!

Specific Translation Expertise

Book an appointment or request a quote to get expert assistance for all your needs.

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