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Comprehensive Medical Translation Services in Vancouver

Medical documents are required to be translated with precision and accuracy. Even a single error in the translation of these documents or instructions can lead to serious repercussions. That’s why we have experts to provide you with comprehensive and accurate medical translations. We offer quality assurance, do multiple proofreading sessions and also focus on group testing. We provide services that not only focus on the document but on the whole language translation process. Even if there are some extra steps to be taken to maintain translation accuracy, we make sure to perform them rigorously. We serve Vancouver, Lower Mainland and North Vancouver. Some of the sectors we offer services to are:

Medical professionals
Pharmaceutical manufacturers
Clinical research organizations
Healthcare providers
Medical device suppliers
Individual healthcare professionals
And many more

Professional Medical Translators

At A & T Interpreters & Translators Ltd, we have a team of professional medical translators with a grasp of multiple languages and industry-oriented knowledge and expertise. Whatever your field is, we will provide medical translation services for every sector without any compromise on quality. We ensure a comprehensive and on-point translation that always keeps you ahead of the game. Call us today and get help from our expert medical translators right away.

Budget-friendly Medical Translation

Get expert medical translation assistance right on time and on budget.

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